The Santa Experience

Thank you for showing interest in this very special event. It’s really like no other Santa photography session you’ve done. There’s no waiting in lines like at the malls. You will get a scheduled appointment time for your private session with Santa. You will watch your children’s reactions and real emotions to seeing and interacting with Santa. He will play with them, read, decorate the tree, share cookies, check out the Naughty or Nice List, and more. It’s NOT your typical “sit on Santa’s lap” session. It’s a photo-journalistic approach to capturing this magic as it happens. At the very end we will pose for one final “posed” shot with Santa and you’re more than welcome to jump in for that one too.

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THE SANTA EXPERIENCE  – ONLY $99!!! (reg $149)
Package Includes:

  • The Entire Santa Experience – one on one private appt with Santa
  • 3 Digital Images with copyright release up to 8×12 prints
  • Private gallery showcasing your images to share with family and friends -Expires at the end of the year.
  • Order discounted prints and cards online and have them delivered to your home

ADD ON Digital Package – ONLY $150 more!!! (reg $399)

  • Remaining Digital Images from The Santa Experience with copyright release up to 8×12 prints
  • Approximately 30-75 images

Date will be November 11, 2018


565 S Mount Juliet Rd (Providence area)


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Santa Experience: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the Santa Experience?
One on one private session with Santa in a totally live interactive experience. This isn’t a traditional photography session that has standard poses, but a live photojournalist documentation of the family’s interaction with Santa. We have over 15+ different interactive triggers that Santa will naturally flow through depending on the age and cooperation of the participants. Santa will read, sing, place candy canes and other decorations on the tree, and a whole lot more. While this is all happening we will be capturing every moment. If there is time at the end we can do the old school staged sit in Santa’s lap photo, but this is not the focus on what the Santa Experience is all about. Its more than just a photo-shoot, it’s a true experience that the family will talk about for years to come.

The session is approximately 10 minutes.

Q: Can We Change Outfits During the Session:

The session time slot is very strict, so any changing of clothing will take away from shooting time. The time slot cannot be extended based on this lost time. We recommend coming already in outfits, PJ’s etc. prior to arrival and check-in.

Q: Can I Bring My Own Props:
We know Pinterest ideas are all the rage, but we cannot guarantee the usage of any external props. Thousands of dollars have been invested for a beautiful upscale interactive set with many triggers that we already have tested. Let the magic of the Santa Experience take fight on its own and you will be amazed.

Q: What Happens if My Child Doesn’t Cooperate:
There are no guarantees that every child is ready to see and interact with joy with Santa. We have had a 97% success rate in the last 8 years of photographing hundreds upon hundreds of families. We will capture what is present. If there is a resistance, we cannot force happiness and joy on a child. We can however do a “Drop and Run” and have fun images you can show off to their first date when they are teenagers.

Q: Can I Bring Our Pet/Animal(s):
Due to allergies of other families we no longer do sessions that include pets.

Q: Is this Just For Children or Can Other Family Members Participate in the Session:
This is not exclusive to just children. The entire family can participate as well. Keep in mind the more people in the set the more crowded the photos and less attention on the little ones.

Q: How Old is Too Young?
We have had them as young as 3 days old.

Q: How old is too old?
If you are young at heart, you are always welcomed to participate

Q: What happens if I need to cancel?  Unfortunately, there are no refunds due to the limited number of sessions available.  You can switch appointment times and dates if available.  Plus, you are allowed to transfer your appointment to someone else.  However, you would be responsible to collect the money from them and to give us their contact information so Santa can be prepared for a new child/family.

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